Askeladd "Son of Olaf"


A cunning, mysterious Viking who commands a mercenary band of vikings, of which Thorfinn is a member.

Askeladd was contracted by Floki to assassinate Thors, Thorfinn's father. Thorfinn became obsessed with avenging his father and joined Askeladd's band with the sole intent of killing him in a fair fight, but is always outclassed by Askeladd's combat skill.

His real name is Lucius Artorius Castus.

Askeladd is a tactical genius and a master swordsman. His ability to manipulate those around him turned a horde of pirates and raiders into a close-knit group loyal to him, as well as proving him capable of turning enemies into allies, as seen with Thorfinn, Thorkell, and Prince Canute.

(Source: Vinland Saga Wiki, edited)

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