Hild is a young woman from Norway who lives as a hunter, being brought up by an elderly huntsman after her family was murdered during a Viking invasion. An engineering genius from a young age, she is often seen wearing a big dark green cloak with her self-made crossbow by her side.

    Hild seeks revenge against Thorfinn after the death of her father. She attempts to kill him, but after remembering the words of her father and the huntsman who helped her, she decides to travel with Thorfinn to keep a close eye on him instead, and kill him the second he decides to return to his old ways of killing.

    She ends up joining Thorfinn and his group on their journey to Vinland, and helps build Arnheid Village there. In chapter 191, Hild forgives Thorfinn. Stating "I have verified your atonement with my own eyes. Thorfinn, I forgive you."

    (Source: Vinland Saga Wiki, edited)

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