Seijuurou Yoshioka


    Seijuurou Yoshioka is the head of the Yoshioka School in older Kyoto and the brother of Denshichirou Yoshioka.

    At a young age, he was considered an incredibly skilled swordsman and a prodigy with Inshun Hozoin stating that Seijuurou was his equal in duelling. After the death of his father, Seijuurou inherited the Yoshioka School and was the head although it was a title he never wanted. Seijuurou doesn't take his responsibilities seriously and instead visits pleasure quarters and drinks. The responsibilities of the Yoshioka School are instead given to Denshichirou.

    Seijuurou looks much younger than his age and has a feminine face. He has long hair that is parted in the middle and tied in the back. He is almost always seen wearing a yukata with a katana and wakizashi tied to the side of his hip. Seijuurou has a carefree personality and he prefers to visit his lover Akemi at the brothel or play around with girls than take responsibility for the Yoshioka school. Due to his carefree personality, he is also often seen drinking. Seijuurou is also in love with Akemi and wishes to marry her one day.

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