Hot Pants "HP"


    Hot Pants is first seen at the end of the 3rd Stage of Steel Ball Run. He runs into Gyro and Johnny before meeting Ringo Roadagain.

    It's revealed after the battle with Ringo that Hot Pants is actually a woman.
    Hot Pants' stand is called Cream Starter. It is a spray that can change flesh into foam and relocate any flesh it absorbs. It can also heal wounds in the same way.

    When she was a child, her brother and she were attacked by a grizzly bear and hid in a rock crevice. Hot Pants only managed to survive because she sacrificed her brother's life by pushing him out of the crevice. Her hometown's people thought it was a tragic accident, but Hot Pants became unable to bear the burden of the truth surrounding her brother's death.

    She became a nun, hoping to earn forgiveness from God and her brother. In 1890, she came to America as an agent of the Vatican to collect the Corpse Parts. She believes that the Holy Corpse can cleanse her "sin."

    She sides with Diego in the battle against Valentine, but dies by flying out of the train.

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