Lucy Steel


    Lucy Steel is the wife of Steven Steel, the organizer of the Steel Ball Run.

    Lucy's involvement with the story truly begins when Funny Valentine is introduced. Lucy finds out that Funny Valentine plans to gather the bones of "The Saint" for his own needs and also kill Steven Steel. Lucy goes to great lengths to prevent this from happening.

    Later on Lucy tries to help Hot Pants steal back the heart of Jesus'; corpse from the president by disguising herself as the president's wife. She is captured by Valentine though and is chosen by the corpse to be it's user, turning her into an artificial Stand user and allows her to use it's "holy field" inducing ability that Valentine plans to use to become the leader of the world.

    She later appears in Part 8 briefly.

    In 1901, the Saint's Corpse goes missing from its safe as it was stolen by Johnny Joestar. Along with other government officials, Lucy searches for the perpetrator and follows Johnny to Morioh. They eventually find Johnny's corpse underneath a boulder by the twin pines on November 12, a day after he died. Lucy and the others retrieve the corpse in a suitcase with the logo of the Speedwagon Foundation and take it back with them to America.

    Later in 1941, she returns to Morioh as a widowed old woman to investigate the place of the twin pines in Morioh and the information about the Rokakaka.

    (Source: JoJo Wiki)

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