Dusty Attenborough


Age: 28
Birthdate: November 23rd, 769 UC
Rank: Commander, later Commodore
Occupation: Advisor, later Squadron Commander
Group Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Base of Operations: Flagship Patoroklos (2nd Fleet); Battleship Triglav (13th Fleet)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Patrick (father)
First Appearance: MOVIE "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" (as Commander), Book 2: "Ambition" (Novels)
Hair: Blue/Black (Golden Wings OAV: Blond)
History: Dusty first met Yang Wen-Li at the military academy in 785UC, and they have been friends ever since.

First Lieutenant Dusty Attenborough began a distinguished military career during the 5th Battle of Iserlohn in 792 UC. Later, after being promoted to Commander, he participated in the 6th Battle of Iserlohn as captain of the Alliance destroyer "Elm 3" in 794 UC. In 795 UC he was assigned to the 2nd Fleet flagship Patoroklos as gunnery officer. Dusty has learned quite a bit from his friend and has proven himself to be an able commander. Also appears briefly in the OAV "Golden Wings".

Dusty Attenborough and Olivier Poplan coin the phrase "foppery and whim" to describe the Yang Fleet's motivations in the face of incredible odds stacked against them.

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