Xin "Shin"


Xin is one of Kingdom's main characters. He grew up like a slave together with his best friend and fellow orphan, Hyō, in a small village, but the two always dreamed of leaving their social class by becoming the world's greatest generals. Not much is known of Xin's family or past.

Xin has a temper, but he also has a good heart. He is clearly loyal to his friends since he vows to not stop until Hyou's is fully avenged-even at the risk of his own death. His hot temper also makes him clash with Ten and they tend to bicker like siblings constantly!

Xin's swordsmanship skills are very good due to his constant training over 1000 times with Hyō, but he also has monstrous strength and is very agile. In the fight with Jo Kan, it seems that Shin also has the ability to adapt very quickly in order to get the upper hand in battles.

Xin dream is to become the world's greatest general, so that his name will be known even in the heavens. He shared this dream with Piao and now sets out to fulfill it for both of them.

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