Toshiki "Pegasus" Hoshikawa


    Leader of the ''Good Vibrations'' cult. He is a younger son of a wealthy religious fanatic. His father is the founder of the Cosmos Health Center.

    He is a self-claimed prophet, although his predictions always came true. He says that everything that has happened and will happen in the universe had been engraved as musical scales onto the surface of a giant cylinder called "Akashic records," a music box of infinite proportions which is the shape of our universe. But this box is singing an unstable tune and on July 7, the violent dissonance will cause the destruction of this world, the so-called "Promised Despair." He is assembling a group of twelve people who would help him to sing a tune of a song "Tsubasa wo Kudasai" in order to harmonize that instability and save the world.

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