Snake is compassionate and a man of reason. During the Ketil's Farm arc, Snake often shows to be genuinely concerned for other people, free men and slaves alike. He has saved Thorfinn and other slaves countless times from brutal treatment with both reasons and his intimidating combat prowess.

Snake rarely lets his emotion gets the better of him.

When his comrades are slaughtered by Gardar, he quickly gets angered when see his men being treated like mere pawns.
Snake seems to have strong bond with both Ketil and his father but refuses to explain further, replying that they are mere strangers.

Snake appears to be in his middle-to-late 30s. Unlike most of other characters, Snake has dark hair and beard, this coupled with his Oriental saber and equipments suggest that he is of non-Norse stock.

His real name is Roald, son of Grimm.

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