A big, burly man and one of the many people from the orphanage 511 Kinderheim that Johan controls. He admires Johan very much, and often acts as Johan's bodyguard and henchman. He is also a professional hitman with substantial proficiency.

His true name, already forgotten by himself, is Adolf Reinhart. Wolfgang Grimmer is the only person who remembered him and also considered him as a friend in the their childhood at the orphanage. He was shot by Tenma in chapter 73 and seemed to fall into a sea of flames, but he comes back in chapter 108 as an attorney for Tenma under the name of "Baul," still faithful to Johan. He appears the most out of any of Johan's henchmen in the series and is a recurring enemy. He later appears in the final gunfight in the series as second-in-command of the operation. He enters a fight with Lunge and is shot in the gut, he escapes and kills Franz Bonaparte and dies of his earlier wound. First seen in Chapter 37.

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