Jesus Christ


    According to the story told in the manga, after Jesus' resurrection, he thanked Joseph of Arimathea for the care of his body and stated that he would travel to the east. When Joseph asked him about a future meeting, Jesus made a map in the sand showing Joseph nine locations.

    Jesus then traveled east across the continent, learning new languages and cultures until he reached the sea. Making a ship with the help of the locals, he set off across the sea to what would be known as America, where he lived, aged, and was finally put to rest. He seemed to have at least partial connection with the natives, who stated prior to his deathbed that they wished to see him. Shortly after his death, a large earthquake tore the ground apart, dividing his corpse by the movement of sand and relocating it to the different areas of America that would become the nine locations on Joseph of Arimathea's map.

    (Source: JJBA Wiki)

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