Tian "Mou Ten" Meng


The son of Mou Bu and and 5000 men commander of the Gaku Ka unit.

Mou Ten is often described as looking very girlish with his long bright brown hair, short and slender frame as well as a distinct lack of facial hair. He usually wears a pink robe even into battle and carries a thin sword with him. He has virtually no resemblace to his father.

Mou Ten has a very friendly and outgoing personality as he is always lively and ready to joke about situations. At times, hecan seem quite carefree but this conceals a very cunning side of him which shows up when things get serious. He is not above using his father's and grandfather's influence to get what he wants.

He cares very much for his family and displays a near-reckless abandon as he attacked Ren Pa when he saw his grandfather injured by the Wei Great General.

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